About Us

Our Story

We started creating special packaging back in 2006 and realized how much we loved making our clients’ vision a reality.

And because we relish a good challenge, we came up with more ways to develop our clients’ ideas.

Today we cover the full spectrum of packaging and marketing solutions with the same devotion and commitment we had from day one.

We are now proud to be a part of the Multi Packaging Solutions (MPS) Family.

Who We Are   

At Blueprint we come from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise forming a collective of people that both compliment and challenge each other.

We all have our distinct skills and yet share the same unified vision; we’re passionate about what we do.

But most importantly in everything that we do, whether it’s print management, creative production, or technology communications we set out to defy the ordinary.


We strongly believe in partnerships and long lasting relationships.  Our clients include: