Warner Home Video


Warner Home Video required an online artwork management and approval tool to manage the creation of their DVD and Blu-ray packaging.

With hundreds of users located across multiple territories and continents, managing thousands of different artwork SKUs each month and on a very quick production schedule, they needed a solution that would easily bring together their own creative, marketing and operation departments whilst seamlessly interacting with the artwork creation studio.


Blueprint deployed a customised version of their proprietary collaboration, approval and asset management platform – METEO. As well as providing all required functions across a diverse, globalised user base, METEO was connected to WHV’s international SAP system to receive realtime material and BoM data from the supply chain – speeding business process and providing valuable data insight and re-use through previously disconnected process steps.


METEO provided a logical, familiar and secure environment to work with their pre-release data and packaging files.  To date over 180,000 individual files have been created, approved and sent to print through METEO.  Users across the globe have interacted with the files, reported on them, uploaded and downloaded them all under the watchful eye of the powerful auditing control tool.