Music Vinyl

We’ve been lucky enough to work on high-profile packs for the booming vinyl market recently. Our US team led the creative solution and engaged us to work on the European rollout for these packs.

The challenge for both was replicating high-quality approved proofs that were generated in the US. With Star Wars, we needed to produce large-volume global units here on special rainbow-holographic material, with detailed embossing and the remus spine finish. For Rihanna, we made the EU quantity, but the key was special pantone print and braille-emboss finishing.

We worked closely with our US colleagues to translate US approval of samples and colour proofs into mass-production.

Finished products looked stunning! Clever use of artwork against a rainbow holographic foil board on Star Wars created a starry galaxy background for this very famous film, whilst the Rihanna with simple, yet striking artwork worked perfectly on the large-format packaging.